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Just put it up, turn it on & get pictures in the cloud.

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Monthly Data Upload Included
4GLTE Cellular Data & Cloud Storage


Access Portals, Dashboard Embedding, API
Custom interface branding

Phone Support
9AM-5PM Eastern Time

includes Vision-As-A-Service and below


Professional Video Editing
Get great video content for your marketing

Discounts & Everything Else

Buy the equipment instead of renting and save on your recurring bill
Buy a ZD Infinity Camera with Mounting Gear & Solar Panel for $800

- $80
- $800/year
- $80
- $800/year
- $80
- $800/year

Installation Service
It's really easy, but if you need us to do it we can give you a price

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Enterprise Services
If you plan to deploy more than 5 cameras please contact us!

βœ… Just put it up, turn it on & get pictures in the cloud.

βœ… Buy directly from the πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ Manufacturer

What's 'a few', 'a good amount' or 'a lot'?

'A few' could be hourly full resolution photos taken during weekday daylight hours but can be scheduled as you wish in our web interface. 'A lot' (10GB) is approximately several full resolution photo every hour of every day of the month. 'A good amount' is in between.

What are the shipping costs?
Before you place your order we will inform you about shipping options (speed) and cost. In case you are renting we will include the cost of shipping the equipment back to us. We ship with Purolator in Canada and DHL or UPS internationally and pass on our preferred shipping rates to you. Beside the shipping cost the customer has to pay for duty and taxes where applicable. ZEITDICE INC. is based in and ships from Toronto (Canada) unless we have inventory in our subsidiaries in the EU (Austria) and the US (NY).

Last updated in January 2023. Prices are subject to change.

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